When cultures blend, the world grows 

Humans are curious beings that naturally want to explore the unknown, and interactions with others is how cultures grow. At SOSSNA&CO we want to celebrate the excitement generated when cultures meet and blend - with an anchor in our home in rural coastal Japan.

History is filled with these exchanges. The opening of Japan to the world in 1858 sparked the Japonisme movement in Europe, where Japanese arts and crafts inspired a generation of artists. Similarly ideas from the west introduced to Japan during the Meiji era led to the Taishō Roman (大正ロマン) period where Japanese artists created new art based on foreign influences. 

Our brand concept is ROMANTIC PAST, which is our way of trying to capture the magic of that exact moment in time when new ideas are born.



*These photos are part of a collection of tattoo templates owned by sailor brothers Oscar Folke Larsson. According to an old note, he was born in 1902 in Örebro and had a sailor's tattoo on himself.


In the past in Scandinavia, it was common for young men to take to the sea. Inspired by the exotic cultures they encountered through their seafaring work around the world, they put permanent marks of status and experience on their bodies, creating the tradition of sailor tattoos.

In the modern world, tattoos are among few things that remain permanent; most other things come and go. With this in mind SOSSNA&CO’s design approach takes inspiration from classic tattoo techniques and designs to create simple and lasting garments that blend contemporary and traditional influences. 




All of SOSSNA&CO's designs are expressed through embroidery.


All of SOSSNA&CO's designs are expressed through embroidery. Embroidery, which develops a unique texture over time, and ages with its wearer, can be seen as the tattooing of fabric - a perfect fit for how we want to tell the SOSSNA&CO story.

All our embroidery is made to order in our workshop in the Japanese countryside. With its endless cities and neon lights, it's easy to forget that Japan is an island, but for those who dare venture off the beaten path awaits a coastal culture with unrivaled beauty.

One such place waiting to be found is our home, Shirahama (literally White Beach in Japanese) in Wakayama prefecture, a tranquil beach resort populated by humble people living off the sea; we invite you to experience this hidden coastal paradise together with us.

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